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Message from the founder, chairman and ceo
19 years have gone by in a flash of an eye. And Tiens has grown up from a native Chinese enterprise registered in Tianjin China into a Multi-national conglomerate to cover such business domains as biological technology, education, retailing, financing, international trade and E-commerce, having integrated industrial capital, commercial capital and financial capital. Its business has spanned over 190 countries, with numerous branches set up in 110 countries and regions. It now has a stable customer base exceeding 20 million households worldwide.
Tiens development is very much attributable to the unwavering support from the Chinese Government, its open policies, associations, friends, staff and especially Tiens' business partners. Tiens' journey of development is never without the fulfillment of its social responsibility. Throughout its expansion, Tiens always live up to its principles of "contributing to society by restoring health to mankind.". It upholds the values of honesty and trustworthiness; being a responsible corporate citizen, it abides by the law, pays taxes and stimulates the economy, not forgetting contributions to charity, which amounts to more than RMB1.5 billion worldwide as of today.
"While an enterprise is in its preliminary stage, it is the property of the owner; while the enterprise transforms into a multinational corporation, it should be the property of the society, the state and the people!" Therefore today, Tiens' responsibility to society is the mission of the entire company personnel whose dedication in this area has also stimulated culture and brand awareness. I really appreciate this, and I feel happy and proud.
Prior to Tiens' 15th anniversary celebrations, we published the Tiens Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report detailing our thoughts, corporate culture, projects undertaken and plans to this end. Tiens personnel realize their duty as a corporate citizen and it is a long journey. We are willing to join other outstanding companies in contributing towards a peaceful society to the best of our abilities!
Let us all unite for a better world.
Li JinYuan