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The 21st Anniversary Celebration of Tiens Group

Tiens Group 21st Anniversary Celebration Held Grandly in Bali

On 10th September 2016, Tiens Group held its 21st Anniversary Celebration as well as a series of related activities at Bali, a tourist resort of Indonesia under the theme of “New Beginning, New Development, New Future”.

More than 8000 outstanding business partners of TIENS from over 50 countries and regions came to Bali to celebrate the 21st birthday of TIENS. The company took this opportunity to launch the new compensation plan and realise new development possibilities worldwide.

Honored guests, such as Mr. Syamsul Lussa, Deputy Minister of Indonesian Department of Tourism, Drs I Ketut Sudikerta, Vice Governor of Bali Province , Mr. Hidayat , representative of Indonesian Islamic Society and Mr. Chendang, who is the chairman of Vietnam Health Food Association, as well as reporters of famous mainstream media outlets attended this spectacular event.

On the scene of the passionate convention

Chairman Li made a speech

In recent years, TIENS has been devoting itself to spreading the Chinese wisdom of health maintenance, establishing globalised platforms to boost friendship and cultural communication and advocating the ideals of peace and development.

During its 21st Anniversary Celebration, TIENS put on the relay ceremony of a huge flag that symbolized peace on the Garuda Wisnu Kencana. The huge 3700sqm blue flag was 100 metres long,37metres wide and weighed over 400 kilograms. It danced in the wind like a wave and turned the Garuda Wisnu Kencana into a peace themed blue sea.

The peace doves released during the ceremony symbolised the friendship between Chinese and Indonesian people and spread the message of peace to each and every corner of the world.

TIENS global people attended the flag relay ceremony

Relaying ceremony of TIENS peace-themed flag

Mr. Syamsul Lussa, Deputy Minister of Indonesian Department of Tourism and Drs I Ketut Sudikerta, Vice Governor of Bali Province expressed that TIENS respects Indonesian people’s religious faith. The company has taken every effort to obtain the relevant Halal certificate that is able to promote high-quality and healthy lifestyles to Indonesia consumers.

In addition, TIENS has won the trust and recognition of Indonesian consumers by virtue of its philanthropy and a strong advocacy for social and corporate responsibility.

TIENS has allocated funds for many social activities in Indonesia. The funds were delivered to various humanitarian causes.One of which was a donation to Aceh Tsunami. TIENS is also a constant donator for the Buddhist Foundation Tzu Chi and rebuilding the country after the sumatra earthquake.

All those present hoped that TIENS will prosper in the future and strengthen its support in the Indonesian market.The attendees also wished that TIENS will actively promote health culture, cultural communication, enhance the friendship between the two countries and share a promising future together.

Deputy Minister Mr. Syamsul Lussa made a speech

Vice Governor Drs I Ketut Sudikerta made a speech

This event was held under the theme of “New Beginning, New Development, New Future”. Under the strategic guidance of “One Body Two Wings” made by Chairman Li, TIENS also took this event as an opportunity to promote its new composite business plan worldwide, held the ceremony of lighting the sacred flame. In addition TIENS introduced the redesigned distributor badge.

TIENS has been positively implementing the national “Road and Belt Initiatives”, following the trends in the “Internet+” era, and integrate the global resources in an era that “everyone starts his own business and makes innovation”.

The opportunity was taken to set out the new compensation plan and by virtue of the special charm of Five No.1s,to achieve the maximum commercial value of Four No.1s. Through these developments Tiens Group will lead the development of global health and wellness industry.

Board director of Tiens Group lit the sacred flame of TIENS undertakings

As we learned, more than 8000 Tiens colleagues, distributors and friends from over 50 countries and regions have attended this event.Dozens of flights have been taken to bring participants to the venue.Thousands of hotel rooms have been booked to accommodate the guests and nearly one hundred buses have been employed to provide communication services for them.

It is the aspiration of the event organisers that besides promoting the economic development of Bali, this event will also promote the tourism and cultural charms of Bali to the world.

Great success Tiens Group 21st anniversary celebration

Over the past 21 years, cherishing the ideal of “Make people healthy, Serve the society”, Chairman Li Jinyuan has built Tiens Group into a multinational conglomerate, boastingindustrial capital, trading capital and financial capital. It’s businesses cover fields like biotechnology, health management, hotel and tourism industries, education& training, eCommerce and finance investments.

TIENS will continue to make contributions in promoting the international economic cooperation between nations and strengthen cultural exchanges.Through the many unique products and services TIENS will help to foster harmonious relationships between all the countries of the world.



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